DessertsHomemade Rice Krispies Snowman Treats Recipe

Homemade Rice Krispies Snowman Treats Recipe

This homemade rice krispies snowman treats recipe is a fun, delicious and a family favorite dessert that everyone loves to getting involved the making. The Rice Krispie Snowman is just a fresh take on the plain old rice krispie squares. Making the same snacks for your kids special occasion events can be a bit daunting homesteaders that lacks a creative Foodie type personality.

Homemade Rice Krispies Snowman Recipe

Wouldn’t it be nice to come up with a fabulous new treats for them to nibble upon? As an alternative, you can look into different ways to use the primary ingredients of the treat to come up with a finger licking good dessert that will make them smile.

● Recipe includes a full list of all of the necessary ingredients you will need to make the treat

● Recipe also includes a complete and detailed step by step instruction guide

● Recipe includes several full color images that show many of the steps including the completed treat

● Recipe is written in an easy read and follow method


box of rice krispies

bag of white marshmallows


white melting chocolate

candy – soft black licorice, milk/dark chocolate buttons, red sour strap, mini chocolate chips, raspberries

The new “in thing” in treats is creating themed style treats in shapes that are specific to something having to do with a season, holiday or unique ideas. Instead of trying to find something new for your kids, just find a new way to use what they like.

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