Homemade Rice and Pasta Mix In a Jar Recipe


If your family love Rice a Roni you need to try this homemade rice and pasta Mix in a jar. This is for San Fransisco rice and it is a great recipe to have because you can make the mix up ahead of time and store it in a jar on your pantry shelf. You will know exactly what you put in the jar and making your own mix will save you some money.

Homemade Rice and Pasta Mix In a Jar

When you want to make some for dinner all you will need is to add butter and water and cook it. It always save to make your own mixes over buying pre-made at the store. With this mix you will have the convenience of a mix but the wholesomeness of homemade. Your family will love it and you will too. LDS Mom To Many shares this great recipe so we can all add some to our pantry.

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