DIY ProjectsHomemade River Rock Shower in Your Bathroom

Homemade River Rock Shower in Your Bathroom

This homemade river rock shower in your bathroom diy project is an amazing addition to any homestead.

Creating the shower of your dreams does not have to be just that: a dream. You can make the shower you’ve always imagined having a reality when the time comes for a remodel or when you are ready to make the change.

What you need to do first is plan out what you want out of your shower. If you like the one from below, you will want to decide how you can make a river rock shower work for your master shower or one in your guest bath. Once you have the plans set for your future shower, it is time to decide on supplies and how those supplies will affect your overall shower appearance.
Homemade River Rock Shower in Your Bathroom

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With this river rock shower below, you will find that the homesteader wanted an authentic look and it look several layers of preparation on the wall as it went from sheetrock to a metal sheet for waterproofing to mortar to hold the river rocks in place. While you will find that the owner had to compromise on true river rocks for lookalikes, the overall effect works wonderfully for what was in their mind as they build this shower in their spare time.

Depending on the color scheme of your home or just the room, you will want the materials you use to match perfectly so that your shower works for your dream shower and bathroom. As you will find with this project, you can make your dream shower one of your own. Just look at the wonderful effect that this river rock shower has in the space made seemingly made for it.

Click here to read about homemade river rock shower in your bathroom diy project:

and a second look at the same project in a step by step tutorial:

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