CraftsHow To Make Homemade Rose Petal Beads Recipe

How To Make Homemade Rose Petal Beads Recipe


Plant Whatever Brings You Joy blog shares a step by step process of making your own rose petal beads. You can wear them, you them in a dresser drawer to scent your clothes or  linens and  keep your car smelling fresh.  I bet our readers could come up with many more ideas how these rose petal beads could be used, please share your ideas on our Facebook page.

I made a similar homemade flower petal beads project  over 7 years ago and added them to gift baskets I gave away that Christmas to family members. I had reports from those family members that they still smell wonderfully.  One family member told me if the scent was not as strong as she liked she put them in a ziplock bag and added a few drops of essential oil. After a week she took it out of the zip lock bag and it was better than ever.

* The round ball 3D ice tray mold will make it some easy to create a beautiful round flower petal ball with very little effort. Dust with corn starch before adding flower petal mixture.

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Melissa Francis
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