DIY ProjectsHomemade Rough Sawn Wood Homesteading Outbuilding Project

Homemade Rough Sawn Wood Homesteading Outbuilding Project

This tutorial of how to build a homemade rough sawn wood homesteading outbuilding project is for a truly inspired homesteader that is willing to put in the hard work in exchange for large financial savings. Money is hard earned on a homestead so if you get a chance to save some cash, jump on it !
Homemade Rough Sawn Wood Homesteading Outbuilding Project

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PT 2″X6″X8′ Deck

Having a sturdy shed that can hold a whole lot of stuff is very important to have around any homestead or farm operation. Having a sturdy shed that is not anchored to the ground can really come in handy for a number of reasons. These types of sheds rarely are decorated on the outside with fancy finishes, rather they are left with the rough sawn look.

This Do It Yourself project may not be for everyone and it should likely be attempted by someone who has an above average DIY skills. Uses a wide range of power tools including a table saw that is used cut an unique edge to all of the outside planks called shiplap. This helps to give the exterior an interesting look, that you aren’t likely going to find most anywhere else on this type of project.


PT 2″X4″X16′ Front and Rear Sill
PT 4″X4″X8′ Front Posts
PT 2″X6″X8′ Door Jam
PT 2″X8″X8′ Door Jam
PT 2″X4″X8′ Girts
PT 2″X6″X16′ Headers
PT 2″X6″X10′ Rafters
PT 4″X4″X6′ Rear Posts
PT 2″X6″X16′ (Ground Contact Grade) Instead of Above (4″X6″ preferred) Skids
SPF 2″X4″X8′ Metal Roof
RS 1″X8″X8′ Side Sheathing
RS 1″X8″X10′ Side Sheathing
25′ Coiled Strap Structure
1.5″ rafter to Header Connector Rafter Hardware
4.5″ Wood Screws (250) Hardware (Deck Fastening)
3″ Wood Screws (50) Hardware (Deck Front and Back Fastening)
3.5″X3/8″ Carriage Bolts (25) Hardware (Door fastening)
3/8″ Nuts (25) Hardware (Door fastening)
3/8″ Washer (25) Hardware (Door fastening)
2.5″ Galvanized Nails Hardware (Sheathing fastening)
Door Bumper (zinc Plated) Door Hardware
12′ Galvanized Sliding Channel Door Hardware
Bracket Door Hardware
Hanger Door Hardware
Stay Roller (For End) Door Hardware
Latch Door Hardware
3’X8′ Roof Panel Metal Roof
3’X3’6″ Roof Panel Metal Roof
3′ Inside Closure Metal Roof
11′ Gable Trim Metal Roof
3′ Outside Closure Metal Roof
50′ Universal Closure Metal Roof
50′ Single Bead Sealant Metal Roof
SPF 2″X4″X8′ Metal Roof
1.5″ Gasket Screws Metal Roof
7/8″ Stitch Screws Metal Roof
2″ Thick Concrete Patio Blocks Other
2.5″ nails for the siding

Benefits of following the Build a Portable Rough Sawn Shed DIY Project

● The project includes an extremely lengthy list of all of the materials, supplies and tools necessary

● It also includes an amazing 15 step construction guide that is fully downloadable

● It has many different full color photos that are used to depict numerous of the steps involved

● The unique skid design makes it portable by dragging it behind a tractor

Click here to read about how to build a homemade rough sawn wood homesteading outbuilding project:

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Come take a look inside the outbuilding

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