Homemade Sewing Kit in Altoid Tin For Purse Craft Project

This homemade sewing kit in altoid tin for purse craft project is simple to make, easy to gather ingredients and is a must to have to repair clothing mishaps.

Homemade Sewing Kit in Altoid Tin For Purse Craft Project

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What is stopping you from finding time to sew? As the new year goes by, it is normal if you want or have to be able to celebrate creativity. More so what better way can you achieve this than with doing a…. sewing project or repair.

Many people may complain that task of selecting a worthy project is easy. No need to worry, gathering the supplies to complete this project can be found easily in your home most likely.


Altoid tin – You can spray paint any color, if you desire (Buy Here)

Some fabric

Ribbon (Buy Here)

Folding Scissors (Buy Here)

Stick Pins (Buy Here)

Mini Spools of Threads (Buy Here)

Needles (Buy Here)

Cloth Tape Measure (Buy Here)

Safety Pins (Buy Here)

 Wooden ClothesPin  (Buy Here)

Elastic (Buy Here)

Complete Sewing Kit ( Buy Here)

Every sewing lover has use for a kit containing materials that they call their own. You can create your sewing kit from the scratch with the steps indicated below. These styles are eye-catching, easy-to-use and unique. You are definitely going to love them all.

Choosing the sewing project kit steps here takes most of the planning work away and allows you get started quicker. These projects contain both the pattern and fabric. Do not forget that the kits are not all-inclusive as there may be other items you may need to provide. Whether you are planning to do a space-saving option, quirky home for your items, or the most organized and largest sewing kit on the earth, you will find them below.

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