CraftsHomemade Silverware Spoon Ring Project

Homemade Silverware Spoon Ring Project

This homemade silverware spoon ring project is clearly detailed in this simple process shown in this step by step tutorial. Jewelry is an extension of most people’s style as they pick out pieces that make them happy or go with one outfit or another. When it comes to our choices in jewelry, we find that elaborate metal work designs appeal to most people.

When you are searching for the next ring to add to your jewelry collection … you may want to take a peek in your silverware drawer. Yes, you read that right.

Homemade Silverware Spoon Ring Project

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Your silverware drawer can hold your next jewelry piece, specifically a ring made from a spoon, fork or butter knife. This is a great way to repurpose one of your silverware or if you are lucky enough to find a thrifty find at a yard sale.

To make this into the perfect ring for you, you will need a pencil and thin strip of paper for sizing, a cutting blade to remove the scoop of the spoon, some pliers to shape the spoon into a ring, and some sandpaper to shape and smooth the cut edge prior to shaping. When you’ve completed each step as shown below, you will have a cool new ring for your collection, adding style and grace for everyday wear.

We want beautiful jewelry pieces that add quality and flair as we wear them on special occasions or even on everyday errands. You can also buy one here. Silverware Ring, Queen Bess II By Oneida, Sizes 6-12

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