DIY ProjectsHomemade Simple Cabin Bunk Bed DIY Project

Homemade Simple Cabin Bunk Bed DIY Project

This homemade simple cabin bunk bed diy project is a great way to build inexpensive sturdy furniture your children will love to sleep on.

Homemade Simple Cabin Bunk Bed DIY Project

Loft beds with ample room for storage seem to be all the rage right now, and it’s no wonder. These beds give you the fun and space saving features of a bunk bed and all the storage of a home office.

In this DIY project, we’ll go over how to make a cabin style bunk bed. You may wish to construct everything from scratch, or you can make use of what you have by converting an existing set of beds and a pair of shelving units.

You will need:

• 2 bed frames (built from scratch or store-bought)

• 2 shelves of equal height and depth

• Additional wood planks and posts

• Guard rails

• Bunk bed ladder

• Level

• T square

• 2” screws

If you’re constructing all the components from scratch, adjust your bed tutorial so the top bed does not include legs but does have room to attach the guard rails.

Important Notes:

If your shelves don’t equal the width of the bed, you must add post supports to keep the loft sturdy.

Safety is paramount in this project, so please make sure the bed and shelves are thoroughly secured to one another, that all corners are squared, and that the entire structure is level.


Position the shelving units at the head and foot of the upper bunk. After aligning the components, use the 2” screws to attach them together (going through the underside of the top of the shelf). Use additional planks or posts for extra support.
When complete, slide the second bed underneath the loft bed at a perpendicular angle. Secure the bunk bed ladder, and your project is complete.

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Melissa Francis
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