CrochetHomemade Simple Crocheted Socks

Homemade Simple Crocheted Socks

This free pattern of how to make homemade simple crocheted socks will produce wonderful warm socks to keep your feet toasty in the winter. While knitting has seemed the first thing to pop into people’s heads when they think about yarn crafts, its cousin, crochet, has become a rival for the affections of yarn lovers everywhere.

With each new discovery into these separate yet similar worlds of knitting and crocheting, you’ll find that the lines have blurred on what each craft can handle. Crocheting has come full circle and has begun encompassing clothing productions, which includes the cutest socks you could make for yourself or anyone as a gift. You can find the instructions below. You’ll love the design and feel of these socks that you’ll want to make hundreds of pairs.
Homemade Simple Crocheted Socks

Gone are the days of just washcloths and afghans from the loops made by a crochet hook. In today’s world of yarn, you can find a hundred or more different designs that can be produced with a skein of yarn and the right crochet hook. As you dive deeper into this fascinating world of different weights, softness, and other aspects you can find with each yarn produced for anyone’s preference. You’ll also find tons of different hooks from which to choose based on left-handed or right-handed people and the instructions of the project for the right size of these hooks. That size can also determine the yarn used for the project. Did you know that some yarns are so thin that they resembled sewing thread, but they can make the most gorgeous flowers using the smallest crochet hook?

Click here to read about how to make homemade simple crocheted socks:


Here is Part ONE of how to make crocheted socks:

Here is Part TWO of how to make crocheted socks:

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