CraftsHomemade Simple Rag Knot Shag Rug Project

Homemade Simple Rag Knot Shag Rug Project

This homemade simple rag knot shag rug project is detailed in this step by step tutorial of instructions and multiple pictures.

There is just something about the coolness of re-purposing old t shirts, flat sheets or thin blankets into a rug that gives a room such character. It is so simple to cut cloth strips with matching width and length measurements.

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Homemade Simple Rag Knot Shag Rug Project

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You can find the best instructions below on how to make your own for any room in your home. You don’t even really need much other than some fabric about 11 yards total, a non skid pad, some scissors, a ruler, some tweezers, and some fabric chalk. Soon, you’ll have your rug underway and completed in no time. You will  have a new rug at a fraction of the retail cost.

No matter what else you have done to the room, a rug just provides that extra touch that takes that particular room to the next level. With so many different designs and materials from which you can choose, it can be a tough decision on what rug you want for what room. Children or baby rooms can definitely gain something extra when you decide to add a rag rug to the décor that matches the color scheme you have deemed perfect for your little boy or girl. Whether it’s pink, blue, purple, or green, you can find the perfect rag rug for your child’s room that will just complete the room.

What you may also find out the not-so-fun way is how expensive these rag rugs are to purchase from a commercial store, making you want to jump on making your own shag rag rug. The reason they are so expensive probably has a lot to do with how much time is needed to complete one. However, there is no reason to despair if you do not want such a hefty price tag.

Materials and Tools need:
Non-Slip Rug Pad (click here to buy)
Cotton Interlock Fabric
Fabric Chalk

Here are so many wonderful craft projects that can be made from flat sheets of any size that I always buy them at yard sales for super cheap.

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