SolarHomemade SOLAR PANELS For Free Energy DIY Project

Homemade SOLAR PANELS For Free Energy DIY Project

This Homemade SOLAR PANELS For Free Energy DIY Project is detailed in a step by step tutorial. Solar panels are a new way to save money on energy by using what is taken in by the sun. With the right tools, time, and energy, anyone can make their own solar panels to install on top of their homes.

Homemade SOLAR PANELS For Free Energy DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Frugal Homesteading - Off The Grid

Get a saw, drill, and screwdriver, plus silicone caulk, wood glue, wire cutters a soldering iron, wire strippers and a solder. Of course, the centerpiece is solar cells; a set of 108 cells is enough to make three standard 36-cell panels. Get cells that are tabbed. A solar panel is a bunch of these cells in one held setting to take in solar power.

A standard 3×6 inch solar cell makes half a volt, about 3.5 amps. Most people will build their panels that allows 18 volts, which is thirty six cells for each panel. Wired in, this will make 3-4 amps and 18 volts of power from direct sunlight.

For the container, build a box to hold the cells with either wood or aluminum; a clear cover for the box is necessary, use plexiglass. Draw a 3×6 inch template on paper and to lay out the cells. After cutting all the wood/aluminum, paint it and screw it together so it fits. Also, drill a hole for the wires. The wiring of the cells should be done carefully to attach it all at once with the help of the tabs.

Connect the cells to the substrate with silicone caulk, applying enough of it to the middle of the cell’s back. After the cells are attached, add final wiring to solidly hold it down. With final connections to the container, it should be settled in on the roof of your home.

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