CraftsHomemade Spicy ORANGE Holiday Garland Project

Homemade Spicy ORANGE Holiday Garland Project

This homemade spicy orange holiday garland project will help prepare your home for a traditional fall and winter holiday season, you’ve got to try your hand at an orange garland. The spiced fragrance will fill your home and the beautiful, antiquated design will add a classic touch to your seasonal décor.

Homemade Spicy ORANGE Holiday Garland Project

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~ ~ You will need:

• oranges

• whole bay leaves

• cinnamon sticks

• needle and twine

Time required:

About 12 hours total, 5 hours active.


First you’ll need to dry your oranges. To do this, begin by cutting the oranges into ¼” slices, they laying them out on baking racks. Leave just enough space so that the rinds aren’t touching.

Bake at 200 degrees, turning the slices every hour.

Allow the slices to cool/dry overnight.

When the oranges are ready, it’s time to string them together with the other materials. Thread the twine through your needle and pierce the middles of the oranges and bay leaves, and tie a knot around the sticks.

Alternatively, you can bore or drill holes in the center of the sticks to string them more easily.

Tie the twine securely at both ends to keep the pieces from sliding off.

You can choose whatever combination of oranges, leaves, and cinnamon sticks that looks best to you, but we recommend using bunches of three or more bay leaves to make sure they’re visible.

When your project is complete, you can hang your garland over the mantle, around a doorway, on the staircase bannister, or wherever you like. Dust it once per week to preserve the look and fragrance.

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