CanningHomemade Spicy Pickled Okra Canning Recipe

Homemade Spicy Pickled Okra Canning Recipe

This homemade spicy pickled okra canning recipe is culinary adventure inspired by down south home cooking and canning. The recipe described in this article is on the spicy side of pickling.

Homemade Spicy Pickled Okra Canning Recipe

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cloves garlic

dill seed

jalapeño peppers




Besides being a delicious meal, okra is also beautiful. Related to the hibiscus, the plant produces a pristine yellow flower which opens during the day time and closes through the night hours. There are several recipe options to use when it comes to preparing this delicious food. A lot of people are not open to pickled okra recipes due to the slimy nature of okra.

Note that pickling okra isn’t something that should be put on hold till end of season. You do not have even to wait until there is a large quantity of okra in your possession. It can be done easily in small batches, which in turn solves the issue of what to do with a small amount of okra if you have grown tired of frying or eating them smothered. All you need to do is store the okra pods inside a bowl until you have gathered enough to fill up a pickling jar.

In our spicy pickled recipe, apart from the okra, you will also fill the jar with hot peppers, garlic cloves and pickling spices. This okra recipe is a winner as it is quick and simple to make. It does not require canning. And you will definitely love how the spices introduced will help boost the flavor giving it a nice kick. So if you have collected extra okra from the garden or you have gotten some at farmer’s market, why not prepare a few batches of our homemade spicy pickled homestead okra canning recipe to enjoy as side dishes or snacks.

Find this delicious spicy pickled okra recipe below.

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