RecipesHomemade Stevia Extract All Natural Sweetener

Homemade Stevia Extract All Natural Sweetener

Stevia has been known for its numerous health benefits that include the ability to help in weight loss, control diabetes, lower blood pressure, prevent specific kinds of cancer, build stronger bones, skin care, and protect oral health.

According to John Staughton, Stevia is the name that has been given to the green leafy herbal plant native to South America. This has been used for many centuries due to its very sweet leaves. The Stevia glycosides, primarily rebaudioside and stevioside are active compounds that are responsible for the plant’s sweetness.

Stevia earned its latest rose to fame as an artificial sweetener that is over 40 times sweeter than sugar without affecting blood sugar levels. This doesn’t have negative side effects to the body as well unlike the usual sugar, making this useful specifically for diabetics. This recipe is easy to make, all you need is some vodka and some dried Stevia leaves and some dark colored dropper bottles.

This has over 240 species of small flowering plants and shrubs that belong to the Asteraceae family that is basically the exact same family where sunflowers belong to. Stevia is also known in numerous names such as sugar leaf or sweet leaf. However, Stevia rebaudiana is its formal scientific name. This grows in tropical regions of South and North America but it is not really well-known as a type of plant.

With the rise of more research studies regarding this amazing new option for those people who follow diets with controlled carbohydrate amount, the countries that approve stevia as a form of food additive and sweetener has been continuously on the rise.
Jacqueline from Deep Roots at Home, shares some useful tips on how to prepare your very own non-processed Stevia extract.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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