CleanersHomemade Super Cleaning Laundry Soap Recipe

Homemade Super Cleaning Laundry Soap Recipe

How to make this homemade super cleaning laundry soap recipe is detailed in this step by step process.

Homemade Super Cleaning Laundry Soap Recipe

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It’s astonishing to read about the chemicals and unnatural components found in everyday cleansers. Many people are moving away from store made products and trying homemade. Our grandmothers made their own detergents and clothes were cleaned just as well as the chemical laden products we use today. There are ways to return to all natural and homemade items with only a little effort and some know how.

Start with the purest soaps. These are easier to find than they used to be and most are called Castile soap. There are also trusted all natural or organic brand names that make Castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s, and others. Laundry booster went out of style once people stopped making their own cleaning products but it’s still easily found in the grocers. These, grated, mixed and melted together can create a fantastic, holistic and effective detergent for clothes as well as other household cleaning tasks.

If you are looking to lightly scent the detergent, some of the products are made with essential oils and remain all natural. They can be safely added to your homemade laundry detergent and remain healthy for use.


One bar of Kirk’s Castile Soap or Fels Naptha (Choose one) (Buy Here)

One Dr Bronners bar soap (Buy Here)

4 cups of hot water

One cup of Borax

One cup of Washing Soda (Buy Here)

Laundry Soap Ingredients Kit (Buy Here)

1. Grate one bar of Kirk’s Castile Soap or Fels Naptha (Set aside)

2. Grate one bar of Dr Bronner’s bar soap (Choose your favorite scent)

3. Pour 4 cups of hot water into a saucepan plus the grated soap from both bars. Heat on low until grated soap pieces melt.

4. Pour melted soap liquid into a five gallon bucket.

5. Pour one cup of Washing Soda into the five gallon bucket.

6. Pour one cup of Borax into the five gallon bucket.

7. Stir thoroughly for five minutes

8. Fill five gallon bucket almost to the top with hot water. Stir thoroughly. Let mixture sit overnight.

9. You can choose your favorite essential oil (Buy Here) scent and add 20 – 40 drops according to how strong you want the scent. Stir thoroughly.

Bonus Information: This recipe will not gel so you do not have to t dilute.

Use 1/4 cup in each laundry load.

Once made and blended, these can keep as long as normal soap does and some of them will not gel over time, if made properly. Other combinations will settle and need to be shaken before using so they are liquefied for easy dispensing.

Take a look at a simple and pure laundry detergent alternative that won’t gel after sitting and will keep your clothes – and you – healthy and all natural.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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