Homemade Super Inexpensive Bucket Camp Light


        If you like to go camping or just spend time outdoors in the evenings and would like some light while you are there check out this inexpensive and simple way to creat a bucket camping lamp that you can use anywhere you can plug it in. The light is installed inside a white 5 gallon bucket and then you can hang ir from a tree or even just sit it on the ground. This would be a cheap way to provide light at camp or on the back patio.

         The lid goes back on the bucket once you are finished so you can just hang the bucket by the handle or sit it down and plug it in. Doesn’t get much cheaper than this and you could probably make a few of them in a couple of hours. One of these would probably provide all the light you would need in a tent. Be A Survivor shares the instructions.

Homemade Bucket Camp Light


Read more>>>>>   http://beasurvivor.blogspot.com/2009/03/make-bucket-light.html



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