RecipesHomemade Tamales Recipe

Homemade Tamales Recipe

If you love tamales the way my family love tamales why not get together and make a load of tamales the way Mexican folks do. They get the grandma and the mom and all the aunties and daughters and they just have a whole day long girl fest while the cook the meat and make the mixture, soak the corn husks to roll them in and then they roll tamale after tamale and once they have enough rolled in husks to fill the big pot, the tamales are stood in the pot and steamed until  the masa dough is done. The nice thing about tamales is you can make them pretty much how ever you want them. Some folks make them with pork meat and the reddish spices like this recipe and sometimes they make them with chicken meat and a green chili salsa seasoning instead of the red spices. I have eaten tamales that only contain re-fried beans and cheese. I have also had them that had chocolate and caramel in them. I think my favorite sweet tamales are the ones that have raisin, walnuts and melted chocolate in them. My favorite of the savory are the chicken with the green salsa, so delicious.  While making tamales by yourself is doable, it is time consuming and you will have so much more fun if you make it a girls day thing. You can really enjoy your friends and family when you spend hours cooking and talking about everything under the sun. This pork with red sauce recipe is from Whats Cooking America.


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Paige Raymond
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