RecipesHomemade Thankful Rolls for Thanksgiving

Homemade Thankful Rolls for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving start a family tradition with these thankful rolls. Thanksgiving brings along with it the Parade, gatherings and great food. Thanksgiving is the celebration of autumn harvest feast that was shared between the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians. Thanksgiving allows you to stuff yourself with delicious recipes. Turkey happens to be symbolic with Thanksgiving along with cranberry sauce, potatoes etc. Thanksgiving dinner is the main highlight but you could treat yourself to different snacks and delicious recipes this day. Thanksgiving is not only about eating but a day to thank and be grateful for everything that you are blessed with.

Homemade Thankful Rolls for Thanksgiving

When Families get together at Thanksgiving there is always a lot to catch up on and everyone is happy to see all the family members they may not have seen for a while. Make the day even more special with these thankful rolls. This is a delightful idea from The Girl Who Ate Everything. As each person opens their dinner roll they will have a little thankful note inside that they can read and finsh to make it a special day for everyone.  As the author says sort of like a fortune cookie. But better because finishing the little notes will inject some real feelings into the day.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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