Homemade Toothpaste – NINE Flavorful Recipes


Nourishing Joy website share nine ( yes, I said 9 ) flavorful homemade toothpaste recipes minus the harmful chemicals.

The article uses two different type bases for the recipes, you get to choose… Calcium Carbonate or Clay Base.

A single recipe batch will make enough toothpaste for a family of five for two week.

1 recipe – 5 people – 2 weeks

I personally love to add coconut oil to my toothpaste recipe because it gives it a creamy texture, tastes great and is antibacterial.

Here is a friendly warning: Xylitol a sweetener is very deadly to dogs. Keep it up and out of reach of your pet.

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NOW Foods Calcium Carbonate Powder, 12 oz

Bentonite Clay – Montmorillinite, 1 lb,(Starwest Botanicals)

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Xlear Xylosweet Bag, 1-Pound