RecipesHomemade Totoro Pull Apart Rolls

Homemade Totoro Pull Apart Rolls

Make your child’s day by presenting them with these  homemade Totoro pull apart rolls. These are so cute and I know a lot of kids love Totoro so if you bake these for them you are going to be someone’s hero.

Homemade Totoro Pull Apart Rolls

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The recipe and instructions come from Bento Monsters and she also provides a brown bear version. If you don’t know what Totoro is, it is an animation that many kids love. I think some cockatiels may love it as well as you can see from the video below. This little guy has learned the entire song. Even if no one watches it at your house the rolls ar adorable and look fairly simple to make .

So next time you are looking for some fun while baking you can give these cute rolls a try. Don’t like the Totoro? Try the brown bear pull apart rolls, they are super cute too.

brown bear pull apart rolls


What child would turn down a brown bear pb&j? None that I know of.  I know all of my grandkids would love these adorable rolls, You could even use them as hamburger buns for the little ones.  To make the faces she uses a Chocolate Pen, that you can get refills for and in a couple of different colors of chocolate too. The chocolate comes out liquid to draw what you need and hardens in seconds.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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