DIY ProjectsHomemade Twin Bunk Beds with Shelves DIY Project

Homemade Twin Bunk Beds with Shelves DIY Project

This homemade twin bunk beds with shelves diy project has a step by step tutorial that has all the details you need to create strong vertical beds for your kids.

Homemade Twin Bunk Beds with Shelves DIY Project

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Here is an easy way to create twin bunk beds with shelves. Before beginning this project, ensure to read through the entire plan.

Materials List

1 – 2×6 @ 8 feet long or stud length

2 – 1×6 @ 10 feet long

3 – 2×2 @ 8 feet long

1/2 sheet – 3/4″ plywood, particle board or MDF

11 – 1×3 @ 8 feet long (used for slats and guardrails – adjust the amount you buy to your needs)

2 inch screws

3 inch screws

1 1/4 inch finish nails

1-1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws

Elmer’s Wood Glue

Elmer’s Wood Filler

120 grit sandpaper


wood conditioner



– Use a jigsaw to carefully cut out an arch shape for your headers. Two of these will be required.

– Clamp both headers together and sand the top edges with coarse sandpaper to matching perfection.

– Remember to attach the headers to both panels. Before assembly, ensure to use the Kreg Jig to drill all pocket holes.

– Now, use 1¼-inch finish nails and glue to attach the base trim to the panels on the outside.

– You could either choose to use 1 1/4 inch screws and the Kreg Jig for ¾ inch stock to attach the siderails or use either brackets, so as to be able to keep them in place.

– Use 1 ¼inch finish nails and screws or glue to blue square guardrails. Then use scrap 1x3s to fill in any gaps.


– Ensure to wipe off excess glue from bare wood.

– Before attaching wood with screws, always pre-drill every hole.

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