DIY ProjectsHomemade Vertical Herb Garden Stand DIY Project

Homemade Vertical Herb Garden Stand DIY Project

This homemade vertical herb garden stand diy project will help you build planter that can grow a large amount of herbs in a small amount of space.

Homemade Vertical Herb Garden Stand DIY Project

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If you live in a very sunny location or lack access to a garden, you may have discovered how difficult it is to grow herbs in your current situation. Or perhaps you have a thriving outdoor herb garden, but would like to keep it going all winter long. The solution to any of the above problems is to create your own vertical herb garden.

This diy project will keep your delicate herbs safe from frost and direct sunlight alike, giving you access to dozens of perfect little plants all season long. There are a few different ways you can go about creating your garden stand, depending on the time, money, and resources available to you. For example, you can build the entire container yourself, or convert an existing bookshelf or hutch to serve your needs.

The basic premise is this: In a tall, vertical, wood container, a series of slanted shelves with pot holes drilled in them will hold your herb planters. The width and height of your box will determine how many planters will fit comfortably inside, but we recommend the diameter of each hole to be about 5 7/8” – just the right size for a set of standard 6” pots.

If you’re building your own stand, follow the instructions of any standard bookshelf or hutch tutorial, except for the instructions for installing the shelves. If you’re converting an existing item, remove the shelving and brackets. Add the brackets at a 45 degree angle (sloping toward the outside/door). The secure your shelves, pop some planters in, and you’re ready to enjoy a wonderful indoor garden.

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