SewingHomemade Walker Storage Hanging Pouch Sewing Project

Homemade Walker Storage Hanging Pouch Sewing Project

This tutorial of how to make a homemade walker storage hanging pouch sewing project is essential a purse for the supportive walking tool for elderly, disabled or injured people.

Homemade Organizational Walker Caddy Sewing Project

Using a walker often makes it difficult to carry a purse or stand up and fish something out of your pocket. However, a walker caddy lets you (or your loved one) access everything they need, right were they are.

You will need:

• 1 square yard of fabric (cotton blend or something else that’s strong and won’t warp under weight)

• 4 lengths of ribbon, each approximately 8” long.

• 2 strips of Velcro

• Sewing accessories (scissors, pins, needle & thread or sewing machine, etc)

Time required:

Approximately 1 hour


• Begin by cutting your square yard of fabric into two 18” by 36” rectangles.

• With right side down, make two folds in your first piece of fabric. The first will be 8” from the end. The second (starting at the other side) will be 5” from the end. These will be the caddy’s pockets.

• Iron in these creases.

• Next, fold the same piece in half, and iron that crease as well.

• Unfold the fabric.

• Place the ribbons at the pocket creases (about 2” of ribbon on the fabric) and stitch into place. Do this for both sides.

• Now place each of the Velcro strips about 4” from the center fold and secure.

• Take your second piece of fabric and lay it, right side down, on top of the first piece.

• Sew around both long sides and one short side.

• Turn the caddy right side out, and (folding the raw edges inside) sew along the last edge.

• Fold the pockets along their crease lines and stitch them into place.

Now you’re ready to drape it over the walker rail, secure it with the Velcro and ribbons, and load it up!

Click here to read about how to make a homemade walker storage hanging pouch sewing project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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