AquaponicHomemade Water Filtration Treatment Plastic Barrel System

Homemade Water Filtration Treatment Plastic Barrel System

This homemade water filtration treatment plastic barrel system is detailed how to make in this step by step tutorial. You can make a stand alone Vortex Clarifier (swirling cleaner) water barrel or you can connection multiple plastic barrels to expand your capacity. This water filtration system can benefit storm water treatment, pond filtration, large aquarium filtration, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, rainwater harvesting and natural swimming pool.

Homemade Water Filtration Treatment Plastic Barrel System

Having your own water treatment system can help with your home’s self-sufficiency as you treat the water that you gain from rainwater and other sources throughout the year. By having this system in place, you can use the water you gain and clean for a number of different functions throughout your home and property FROM watering your plants to refilling your aquarium.

At the same time, you will have peace of mind that the water you are using would not harm your plants, your fish, or anything else you may use this water because you will have created the ultimate cleaning system. You have made a system for less money than many filtration systems cost at your local hardware stores or big box retailers.

So how can you go about making this great system for your home? Well, you will find the instructions easy to follow below along with a thorough list of what you will need for this project, including the 55-gallon drum, some bulkhead, pipes, adapters, stubs, and tees to finish off this treatment train for the water you receive throughout the year from one source or another. Most of these parts are easy to find when you visit the local hardware store or even online sources wherever possible.

You can find some major savings as you prepare to build this useful and aesthetically pleasing apparatus in your yard for your future water use. When you have this project tackled within a few hours, you will wonder why you have not invested in one before now as it quickly fills with useable water.

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