PetsHomemade Wood Log Dog Bowl Stand

Homemade Wood Log Dog Bowl Stand

This simple homemade wood log dog bowl stand is a simple project that brings a bit of nature indoors and functional. You may have pictured a place where your puppy knows where to find its bowls without having to worry about them being knocked over or moved around the house for you to search for them later. In fact, you may have seen some artful ways that others have done with their dogs’ bowls and want to try one out for yourself. If so, you’re definitely in the right place as you check out this great dog bowl holder.
Homemade Wood Log Dog Bowl Stand

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Using a chunk of tree trunk, you can make your very own dog bowl holder so your puppy knows just where to find its bowls each and every time. Not only does it keep the bowls together, it’s also a great addition to any rustic décor you may already have within your home. Your puppy will love how easy it is to find its bowls whenever the mood for water and food strike as well as the rough wood for chewing when teething hits. With only a few hours and less than $50, you can make your puppy the happiest of all.
Homemade Wood Log Dog Bowl Stand

Items You Need:
– Large piece of trunk cut in half
– Carpenter’s Chisel
– Dog feeding bowls

When you have a puppy, you will soon find that there are many ways it can make your life more fun and creative as you add toys and other necessities in your home for your newest addition. One of the most essential items you’ve probably have crossed off your list or need to still buy soon is some dog bowls to hold the puppy’s water and food for its daily nutrition. While you can easily pick up some ordinary bowls at your local retailer, these may not be what you’d had in mind when you pictured your puppy eating and drinking.

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