DIY ProjectsHomemade Wood Pallet Garden Planter DIY Project

Homemade Wood Pallet Garden Planter DIY Project

This homemade wood pallet garden planter DIY project is made from a simple step by step tutorial from free reclaimed wood. Be sure to look for the stamped “HT” …. heat treated proving it is not chemically treated. This do it yourself project is a fine example of what you can use the wood from a couple old pallets, then turn the wood into an amazing set of beautiful planter boxes to add some color to a boring looking porch or patio.

The project is really easy to follow and wood pallets can be obtained relatively easy.
Homemade Wood Pallet Garden Planter DIY Project

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Benefits of the Planter Box from Pallet DIY Project

● Project includes a complete list of all materials, supplies and tools you will need

● It includes an easy to understand and to follow step by step guide

● Includes several full color photos that are used to depict several of the project stages.

Using reclaimed materials to build useful things around the house is one of best ways to cut down on the high cost of living these days. Wood is the most common of all building materials used and it is because it is extremely versatile and durable. Wood can easily be reclaimed, prepared and reused in a wide variety of purposes around the house. This is why the plain old wooden shipping pallet that is mostly discarded by many businesses as waste, can be collected and dismantled then used to build many useful things.

Click here to read about how to make homemade wood pallet garden planter DIY project:

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