Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project

Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade wood pallet wheeled planter project is wonderful hands on do it yourself building gardening project.

Having room for our own gardens and flowerbeds may not always be something most of us can enjoy. Some of us live in small apartments, some have tiny yards with little sunlight, and others, the lucky ones, have acres and acres.

No matter which one you fall into, you can have your own little garden or flowerbed that can move along with you from place to place to achieve perfect sun exposure. Literally, move with you since it actually has wheels on it. Sounds intriguing, right? Though it’s not the newest invention for planters to have bases with wheels, the design below is unique because it gives you a square planter with plenty of space to have your very own garden in it.

Homemade Wood Pallet Wheeled Planter Project

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How can this be? Well, it’s easy to make. All you need is a heat-treated pallet (look for HT stamped on wood pallet), some planks for the sides, nails and screws, and some wheels you can put on the bottom that rotate and spin for all directions.

If you can not build a wheeled planter box – this is an excellent option Garden Tower 2 – The Composting 50 Plant Organic Container Garden

You can paint to match your décor or leave it alone for a natural look. Add a copper tape barrier to keep away those pesky snails and slugs so your garden will stay fresh and vibrant. Keep your plants happy and healthy with your pallet planter by moving it around to give them the most sunshine possible. You’ll love your new planter as you fill it with herbs and spices or your favorite flowers to bring some extra color to your surroundings, no matter where you live.

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