DIY ProjectsHomemade Wood Stool Homesteading DIY Project

Homemade Wood Stool Homesteading DIY Project

This Homemade Wood Stool Homesteading DIY Project was designed to introduce homesteading readers to an easy DIY shop stool that anyone who is handy with woodworking tools can make one.

Homemade Wood Stool Homesteading DIY Project

Every homestead workshop should have a good, sturdy stool for sitting on when standing just is not necessary. While there are many good options available, most of them are very expensive and for the cost of a couple 2×4’s you can make your own.

All you will need is a couple 2×4’s and a weekend worth of effort and you can have a nice new stool for your shop.

* Materials:

(2) 2x4x8′ boards (1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ actual dimension)

If you don’t have a band saw, pick up an extra 2×4 so you can cut the strips for the foot rest on the tablesaw instead. If you want to select the best grain, you may also want more than just two 2x4s to pick from.

(3) 3/8″x1 1/2″ Dowels

(2) 3/4″x17″x17″ Scrap Plywood (to make the footrest clamping form)

A couple small scrap pieces of wood and 1/4″ sheet scrap (For apron mortise jig in Step 9)

Wood Glue

Wood Glue with longer working time for footrest

Paper or Cardboard (for the seat template)


Black Trash Bag

* Tools:

As with most woodworking projects, there are several ways to accomplish a task. I’ll list the tools I used and a couple suggestions on alternatives.

Table saw

Band saw or Jig Saw

Drum Sander or Thickness Planer

Sanders and Sand Paper

Drill Press with Sanding Drums (Optional)


straight bit with guide bearing on the side nearest the router.

round over bit

chamfer bit

Miter Gauge for Table Saw

Card Scraper (Optional)

Chisel and Mallet


Drill and 3/8″ Drill Bit

3/8″ Dowel Center

Measuring tools (Rulers, Calipers)


The article was created and share so that many more people can get the enjoyment and satisfaction that they were able to build one and save themselves some money in the process. The project includes a an easy to read and follow plan that covers everything that you will need to get started. The plan is fully downloadable and you can also print it before you go out to your shop. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it very easy to read and follow.

* * * Benefits of reading the DIY Projects: How to build a homemade shop stool with only two 2×4’s

Discover how easy and cheap it can be to build your own shop stool out of just two 2×4’s

The project includes a complete plan for building the stool with full listing of all of the materials, supplies and tools that are going to be necessary

The plan that is included is full downloadable and has a complete, easy to follow step by step tutorial that covers everything from start to finish

There are many full-color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference to the reader of the project

Click here to read about how to build Homemade Wood Stool Homesteading DIY Project:


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