DIY ProjectsHomemade Wooden Rocking Horse Giraffe DIY Project

Homemade Wooden Rocking Horse Giraffe DIY Project

This Homemade Wooden Rocking Horse Giraffe DIY Project is a task for homesteaders who enjoy woodworking and creating family heirlooms that can be passed down to multi-generational of children within the family.

Homemade Wooden Rocking Horse Giraffe DIY Project

For those who have kids, having a wooden rocking horse in their room as a warm accessory. It can be ridden for fun and very sturdy, providing parents who built it some satisfaction for making this by hand for their child. Here, we have a rocking giraffe – let’s call it Gilly – that can built for your child.

With this big DIY project, you will need plenty of materials: 100g ball of black wool, 1 1/2″ thick pieces of oak, 1 meter of 3×2 pine, a 4” length of 10″ x 2” thick ash, a 10″ length of 1″ square tulip, 1/2” thick solid oak, a piece of abroom handle, PVA Glue, dual Epoxy Resin glue, white Primer & Eggshell paint, and Mahogany stain with a 1/4″ artist brush. Then, get the tools out and begin to saw, grind, nail, drill, and paint the giraffe that rocks.

It is a big project that is made to be time-consuming but working in the long haul because it is a wooden structure. Be patient when looking at the rules on assembling the chair from the bottom to the top. While one can buy a pre-made wooden rocking toy, it is more expensive and some people like to try their own construction for cheap. This also includes correctly nailing down the essentials – eyes, ears, mouth – of the giraffe’s body. This will take some extra time to do and probably be a two-day thing. But, lastly, don’t forget to paint it like a giraffe with its spots and lines: don’t make it into a horse as titled.

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