CraftsHomemade Wrap Beaded Bracelet Craft Project

Homemade Wrap Beaded Bracelet Craft Project

This homemade wrap beaded bracelet craft project is a creative twist of style that is all about bohemian and hippie influences. You can learn to make your own bracelets to give as gifts, enjoy yourself or even to sell.

Homemade Wrap Beaded Bracelet Craft Project

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Here’s a colorful, fancy, homemade bracelet that can be made. Get the following: 1.8 mm round leather cord, a silk bead cord size F, a beading needle, beads at 6mm in any color desired, tape, and scissors. The leather cord and a coordinating silk beading cord are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Beading needles are especially long, flexible, and have large eyes to for the beading cord. Beads are made from just about every material, so choose what is preferred.

First, cut a piece of leather cord about 30 inches and fold it in half. At midpoint, tie an overhand knot to make a small loop and two tails. Tape the loop to the work surface. Then, cut a piece of breading cord another 30 inches and thread it through the eye of the beading needle. Next, wrap the tail of the beading cord around the left part of the leather cord and secure it with two overhand knots, leaving a piece about 4 inches long left.

Materials and Tools:

Round leather cord (1.8mm brown)

Silk bead cord size F

Beading needle

Beads (round 6mm Amazonite, jade, etc.)

Tape or clipboard for securing project


Afterwards, add the rest of the beads by threading the needle through one bead at a time and slide the bead to the knotted tail of the cord. Thread the needle underneath the right leather cord, and pull it to the right while keeping the bead between the two cords. Reverse the needle in the other way and thread it through the bead above the other leather cord. Thread the needle underneath the left and pull the cord all the way through until the bead is secured between the two leather cords.

Once all the beads are threaded through, secure the tail of beading cord by threading it around the leather cord in a figure-eight pattern twice. Pull it tight while keeping the leather cords even; thread the needle through the opening to tie down the figure-eight pattern. Tie the tails in an overhand knot and tighten it close it completely. Cut the excess tail of the beading cord. Viola!

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Homemade Wrap Beaded Bracelet Craft Project

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