DIY ProjectsHomestead Homemade Wood Pallet Fence

Homestead Homemade Wood Pallet Fence

This tour of a homestead homemade wood pallet fence is an inspiring look into creating a functional enclosure from reclaimed materials.  It is truly amazing all the things you can use those wooden pallets you see lying around warehouses and stores.

What is this design you ask?

Well, it’s a pallet fence.

Homestead Homemade Wood Pallet Fence

If you find yourself able to get your hands on some, you should definitely consider making them into one of the nicest designs that you will ever see possible with these wooden pallets. You do not even need too many to make this project work for your home because you will use every part of them in the end.

It is simply a gorgeous design that you can make for your home whether you want it to surround your front yard or just break up your backyard some. With these wooden pallets in hand, you only need to gather a few other materials to make this project one that you will treasure wherever you decide to put it in your yard.

To make this work, you will need some nails, a saw, some stakes, metal half-rings, and some lighting. With each of these laid out before you, you are now ready to build up your fence.

As you build, you may find yourself considering all the possibilities it has with the built-in garden tubs and even the framing you walk through to the other portion of your yard. Don’t forget the gate handle and lock so you can close it behind you. It’s such a wonderful addition to any yard and looks great with its natural color though you can certainly paint or stain it if you desire. Make it your own in just a few hours.

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