ChickensHomesteading Adventure in Building Chicken Coop

Homesteading Adventure in Building Chicken Coop

This homesteading adventure in building a chicken coop is the first step to getting your own farm fresh eggs.

Homesteading Adventure in Building Chicken Coop

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Designing the coop is a good start and then getting all the material in order to build the foundation and the frame. Next is building the foundation out of paver stones and then adding a 7 feet frame with a 6 feet door. The frame is put together by 3 wood screws that are screwed into pre-drilled holes. After the frame is secure, the roof is next which is finished off by building trusses and laying down plywood. Once the coop’s roof is done, the windows must be trimmed and cut according to the build window frame.

The door of the chicken coop with have an antique feel to it and this look will be achieved by beveling the edges were the boards meet and adding dark stains to make it look older.

Once the antique door is finalized, the chickens will need nesting boxes. These nesting boxes are built out of scrap pallet material. When these are done the roosting bar will need to be made along with a flower box and a brooder before the coop is painted.

Once the coop is painted in needs a trim to perfect any imperfections. Stains are added to the antique door and along with the new hinges the door is installed. The chicken coop is now finally done and ready for the chicks. Power can also be added to the coop like lighting a fan or heater particularly when winter comes along.

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