Raising LivestockHomesteading and Raising Chickens

Homesteading and Raising Chickens

This in depth look into homesteading and raising chickens will clearly show that they are the most valuable animal on the homestead. They are some of the best animals for those wanting to try their hand at homesteading in urban, suburban and rural areas. You can find that having these poultry birds around will help your homestead. Through a variety of means and methods from the eggs, meat, feathers and fertilizer.

While you will find that there are many breeds of chickens out there, you will want to consider the ones that will work best for your homestead’s purposes, the amount of space you can give them, and even the type of weather conditions your area experiences each year.

Homesteading and Raising Chickens

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You will also want to consider the number of hens, roosters, and chicks you will want to house since they will need adequate space for the purposes you have planned for them. On top of housing, you’ll need to consider their safety, their food and water requirements, and other aspects to keep them happy and healthy while they provide you with all of their plentiful bounty.

The greatest part about owning chickens is how much your small investment in them can bring about huge returns they give you. Don’t forget how chickens make themselves at home with their comedy little actions.

While you may find yourself nervous, if you are new to the homesteading, you will find that chicks are fairly resilient and they are great for beginners as they take these small chicks and help them grow into the egg producing hens or meat providing chickens (or both) on your small piece of land.

Here is a long list of subjects covered in this article:

Choosing a breed that suits your purpose
Egg production
Meat production
Dual purpose breeds
How many chickens?
Housing your flock
Raising day-old chicks
Brooding area
Heat requirements
Water requirements
Predator protection
Feeding the homestead flock
Health concerns
Scaly leg
Upper respiratory problems
Impacted crop
Egg bound
What about bird flu?
Setting your own hens

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