ChickensHomesteading Chicken Coop Shed DIY Project

Homesteading Chicken Coop Shed DIY Project

This Homesteading Chicken Coop Shed DIY Project takes some hard work to build from the ground up but is well worth your effort. Because of it’s height, cleaning the inside once the chickens have lived in it a bit will be easier. Basically shoveling chicken poop outside because you will have room to move around without being cruched over.

Homesteading Chicken Coop Shed DIY Project

First, build the foundation with blocks and 4×4 pieces on top of them to establish the floor. Use 2×4 pieces and 3” screws or nails to piece the entire floor, and even install any protection to keep the warmth inside the coop.

Next, comes the walls, building a main wall and two supporting walls connected with the same screws or nails. The two supporting walls will have one window on each side. The wood can be used to make a door for the hens to walk in and out of.

Complete the walls, connect to the floors with the same wooden screws and nails, and then proceed to build the roof. They should be 2x4s with the ends 15 degrees off the square. At the bottom, note 2 5/8” and make a square to establish a line vertical to the low cut 2 5/8” down. Then, saw the bottom off roof; the angle should be about 15 degrees. The rafters under the roof can be made with 1.5-inch pocket holes plus 2.5-inch screws.

Next, construct the nesting box with 1 x 12 boards and build with small roofing, latch, and hinges.

The windows are cut out if 1x3s and shutters are made with 1x3s and 1x2s. Nail hardware cloth to the coop’s inside and connect the shutters with hinges. Doors are framed with 1x4s and backed with 1x6s, giving 1/8-inchspaces all around. An extra 1×2 can be installed to be part-water sealant, part-door barrier. Finally, fill up holes with all wooded fillers, dry, and it is complete.

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