ChickensHomesteading Chicken Supplies From The Dollar Store

Homesteading Chicken Supplies From The Dollar Store

Homesteading Chicken Supplies From The Dollar Store can really save you some money so it can be spent (or saved) on much needed things around the homestead. `

Homesteading Chicken Supplies From The Dollar Store - Frugal

The dollar store is perfect for those on a tight budget because you can still get quality goods for cheap. Obviously, a lot are generic brands, but there are some things with a noticeable brand on it. Besides household items, you can also get some things for raising chickens on your farm.

First, you can buy Generic Pedialyte, which has electrolytes and helps to add to the water for sick chickens. Then, there is Triple Antibiotic Ointment, which helps for any cuts, broken nails, and frostbitten parts. A more common ingredient are Epsom Salts, which is used when soaking a hen who are soon going to lay eggs. Puppy Pee Pads are also good for lining the so-called “hospital cage” for chickens, perfect because they are soft on one side and has plastic on the other which keeps spilled water from going to the floor. Also, get baby aspirin for injured chickens.

A baby bottle brush is perfect from cleaning the water drops and cleaning those grooves. Here’s a very common item we use for everything: sponges. That’s a $1 pack you can buy to use while cleaning the bowls, even though they are quickly used up and has to be thrown away. With a clean sponges, you can cut pieces of it and put in their incubator. Next, get some pet bowls to carry the water and to take with you anywhere you and chickens go. Finally, buy glass marbles and put them in the bottom of the water bowl so baby chicken don’t drown.


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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