ChickensHow Homesteading Chickens Mate Successfully Funny

How Homesteading Chickens Mate Successfully Funny

How Homesteading Chickens Mate Successfully fully explains the awkward “birds and bees” sex talk just about your chicken flock.

How Homesteading Chickens Mate Successfully Funny

Roosters make their move by doing their “dance” around the hen. The male goes in a circle to catch the female’s attentionas it drags its feet and the wings are stretched out. By marking the land with its feet, the rooster is offering himself to the hen, wanting the hen to come over to its planned mating area. If a hen bites, she will walk over there and crouch to the ground to let the rooster get on top. The sexual act itself is short but also kind of rough. (Go ahead, humans. Make up your own joke.)

The rooster gets on top of the hen and gets a hold of the hen’s head by the comb. The rooster stands on the hen’s back and lowers his cloaca, the equivalent to a penis. The hen will squawk in a painful manner because it is a pinch of her vent being inserted with the cloaca and they formally consummate. The rooster’s sperm goes to her oviduct to fertilize her ovum. Once that is over, he gets off of the hen and she will get off the ground, and go on her way. While the sperm can live in the oviduct for a month, note that if hens are inseminated, that does not guarantee a production of fertilized eggs. For roosters, it is no big deal because they mate with many different hens multiple times a day. (Go ahead, humans. Make up your own joke again.)

Chickens mate besides to produce baby chicks; it is for social “conversation,” another form of keeping the status quo between hens and roosters. It is common among them all and dozens of chicks are born every day because of this.

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