Raising LivestockHomesteading Chickens Working a Compost Pile

Homesteading Chickens Working a Compost Pile

A partnership of hard working homesteading chickens that love working a compost pile is a winning situation for any homesteader.

Being a keeper of chickens within the city you find creative ways to raise, feed, and clean up after your beloved chickens. My family and I are not raising chickens for profit, merely for the cost savings that it provides. Fresh eggs on a daily basis, is something that you grow to appreciate. Especially after eating store bought eggs for so long.

But these benefits come at a cost, one that the kids dread on a bi-weekly basis. Cleaning the chicken coop! In the beginning, we had no idea what to do with the chicken waste. Bury it or put it in the back corner of the yard? That was the part we did not clearly research prior to buying chickens.

But over time, we have researched and found helpful ways to use the chicken waste in a beneficial way. Compost and fertilizer. The one chore that the children dread, has benefits in a multitude of ways. By adding chicken waste to our plant beds, we yield a more healthy harvest every season. Why you ask? Chicken waste added with the soil in the garden acts as a more natural fertilizer, creating a flourishing garden that our neighbors envy.

Recently, we have found a new means for utilizing our chicken, with less effort from us. Composting, with the help of our chickens, is an effective way to rid the household of waste, and produce a fertilizer, that we no longer have to mix. The chickens do all of the work! Yes, it may not smell the best, but we have found that it works, reducing the amount of trash that has to be dragged to the curb on a weekly basis.

This is how it works. We have created an enclosed area (our chickens are not free ranging) for our chickens to roam around in periodically throughout the week. Within this areas we have added dirt and scraps from our daily meals. This saves a fortune on garbage bags! We herd our chickens into the area and allow them to exercise, dig in the dirt, eat bugs, and answer the call of nature. The waste the chickens provide within this area, breaks down the scraps, and creates a no mix fertilizer for your garden or for resale.

These methods are cost saving, and effective ways to use composting, with your chicken. It is a cost saving way to compost, make fertilizer and have the best looking garden on the block.

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Homesteading Chickens Working a Compost Pile
Homesteading Chickens Working a Compost Pile

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Homesteading Chickens Working a Compost Pile

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