HomesteadingHomesteading Children Summer Fun Ideas List

Homesteading Children Summer Fun Ideas List

So, it’s summer and your kids don’t have school anymore but now you need to find something for them to do. Depending on the child and what you want for them, you’ll probably need to come to some sort of agreement on what your and/or your child’s plans are this summer. Here’s a few ideas.

Educational Activities:

There are a lot of websites that offer classes, things for your child to learn like programming or archery or really anything. It depends on where you’re living, though, because different places have different things to do. There’s always online classes you can have your child take, or take with them, if it’s something you don’t already know and share an interest in learning. Things like Khan Academy have ways to find something interesting to learn, and often makes it really easy.

Things to do with your child: Pillow Fight, Take a Road Trip, Take Digital Pictures, Make a Video for Grandparents, Make a Time Capsule, Create a Music Video, Try Geocaching, Ride a Carousel, Fly a Kite, Go to a Fair, Make Homemade Pizza, Eat a Snow Cone, Play in Sprinkler, Pajama Party, Watch a Sunrise/Sunset, Build a giant Blanket Fort, Neighbor BBQ, Make Greeting Cards, Climb a Tree, Wash a Car, Bake Cupcakes, Water Sprinkler Play Time, Blow Bubbles, Exercise Together, Walk a Dog, Playground & Play, Build a cardboard castle, Stargazing at night, Bike Ride, Roller Skating, Do Yoga, Water the Garden, Play on Swing Set, Plant Flowers, Tie-Dye a Shirt, Camp in Backyard, Homemade Spa Day, Breakfast in Bed, Break a World Record, Make Popsicles, Write a letter to Yourself 10 years from now, Build Obstacle Course, Picnic in the Park, Build a Clubhouse, Visit a Library, Concoct a Baking Soda volcano, Bake Cookies, Have Backyard Luau, Visit a Farmer’s Market, Pick Berries, Go on a Factory Tour, Build a Sandcastle, Make Homemade Pizza, Water Balloon Fight, Family Game Night, Interview an Older Relative, Sidewalk Chalk Mural, Visit a Fire Station (Call ahead), Family Fondue Dinner, Visit Historical Site, Slip n’ Slide, Go to a Baseball Game, Visit the Beach/Lake/River, Bike Ride, Jump on a Trampoline, Play in a Puddle, Visit a Relative, Eat Watermelon, Play Mini Golf, Family Karaoke, Ride a Bus, Go Fishing and Fry Egg on Sidewalk

For a lot of people, summer is about making memories and bonding, just being a family. So they see summer as a way to get closer, learn about each other. The first thing that comes to peoples’ minds are vacations. However, vacations can be expensive and some people don’t have the money to use on that. Maybe set up a lemonade stand or if your child is older, ask what they enjoy. Do something that’s fun and interesting for both of you, and it’ll put you both in a better mood, which generally enhances the experience and leaves fond memories of summer.

Some specific things you can do is go on a hike, most places have some scenery that is peaceful, so that’s a fun thing to do if you’re a fan of the outdoors. Also, if your child is younger, take them swimming, it’s a skill children often need later in life and it’s also really relaxing if you put them in lessons and just watch them.

Something important to remember is that some children just don’t like doing things, or they can’t spend that long with other people because they’re introverted. So always remember to ask what your child wants, especially if they don’t normally do much, because it can make them irritated and that’s not fun for anyone. Summer is about doing new things with the people you love, and creating memories that can last a lifetime, so do things you enjoy and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money if you can spare it.

Homesteading Children Summer Fun Ideas List
Homesteading Children Summer Fun Ideas List


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