Raising LivestockHomesteading Chores and Their Daily Challenge

Homesteading Chores and Their Daily Challenge

This peek shares how homesteading chores and their daily challenge can be both challenging and rewarding. While you have the privilege of enjoying a healthier lifestyle as compared to a more sedentary corporate, urban lifestyle, the real challenge of homesteading lies in being able to maintain a healthy balance with your family, kids, pets, livestock, garden, and the rest of your activities. All these duties require your time and effort to stay well-kept and organized.

Planning can make a difference

If you are going to look at things in a broader perspective, it may just overwhelm you. Multitasking can be great but it doesn’t work for everyone. Especially if you are a full-time homesteader, it is essential that you create at least your own “to-do list” on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It depends on which schedule you’re most comfortable with. You may experiment on each and see what works best for your entire household.

Perhaps you can plan both your weekly (and daily) and monthly tasks. Or perhaps you can spread the tasks out over the course of the week and create something like a MWF schedule tasks and TThS tasks and leave Sunday as your relaxation or family day. This way you can have a clear overview of how your work week looks like. Ultimately you won’t miss out on any single task making everybody happy including the chickens. Below is a suggestion of how your schedule is going to look like on a weekly basis.

Scheduling homestead tasks

Basically your weekly schedule reflects your chores from Monday through Sunday. You can also specify the time in which you are going to accomplish a certain task. Your week can look like this:

Daily Routine:

• Care for the chickens. Before work you can feed them, provide them water, let them out of their coop, throw them some scratch grains to have fun with, and do basic cleanup.

• Check for chicken eggs. Also, check the chicks to ensure they have enough food and water. Make sure that the food/water is free of chick droppings. To maintain cleanliness, the bedding should be changed daily as it catches and absorbs droppings.

• Prepare your family’s meals three times a day. To save time for your other chores, it is best to prepare simple dishes during weekdays. Anyway, you can have more time to enjoy a more lavish meal every weekend or at least every Sunday. You may as well prepare a meal plan so you can have all the ingredients prepared every weekend for your weekly consumption.

• Head to the barn. Check your livestock and make sure that everything is in order – food, water, cleaning, and other barn maintenance duties are a seven days of the week chore. Animals require constant hard work to feed and water.

• Laundry time can be done on occasion or as needed.

Homesteading with small tots

The real trick is to start your day early and make sure they are fed before putting on your boots and heading to the barn or garden. It is best that you eat breakfast together and dedicate a few minutes with them. One nice trick also is to get them involved. Give them little tasks that they can have with. Homesteading with small children can be pretty tricky indeed. However with the right strategy and proper planning, you can go through your daily life at the homestead more peacefully and smoothly.

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Homesteading Chores and Their Daily Challenge
Homesteading Chores and Their Daily Challenge

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Homesteading Chores and Their Daily Challenge

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