Homesteading Chores for Spring

Homesteading Chores for Spring

Ready or not spring is on the way, here are some homesteading chore for spring to help you get organized.
Depending on your area of residence, there is a chance that you are already basking in the spring-like weather.

Some might still need to deal with the remaining winter months. Whatever the season is in your place right now, preparing your homestead for spring is one of the important things you should be doing.

Homesteading Chores for Spring

Spring is considered as the busiest season on farms and knowing the spring tasks for your homestead is the very first step to gear up for a prosperous and productive season.

According to Farmers’ Exchange Townsend, spring is the time when weather turns warm with animals turning outside. After spending the long winter days indoors, livestock gets the chance to stay outdoors to enjoy the mild temperatures of spring.

Spring is also the time when snow melts and roads and fields flood. Moisture is important for the sprouting of seeds and growth of crops. However, the moisture deluge in spring can easily flood fields and wash out roads.

Herds and flocks also increase during spring with the birth of young animals and while this growth is very much welcome, this also translates to extra work.

Fields are also being plowed and planting of crops happen during spring. This is where the rush of work happens in order to get the crops in the ground well before weeds attack. It is essential to establish crops as well.

Spring is no doubt a very hectic season for homesteaders with a lot of tasks that should be done not to mention the unpredictable weather that should be dealt with. Being aware of the impending tasks ahead is the perfect way to gear up for spring.

With proper preparation being the key to ensure a healthy and productive season, United Farm Girls shares this checklist of springtime chores for the homestead.