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Homesteading Dandelion Sun Dried Tomato Bake

Learn how to make this homesteading recipe for dandelion and sun dried tomato bake, so you can take advantage of totally free nutrient rich greens that you can find almost anywhere. Dandelions are a weed but every part of them is edible from the leaves to the roots and this recipe calls from the leaves which are just full of nutrients.

Homesteading Dandelion Sun Dried Tomato Bake

According to Healthy Eatingsfgate “Dandelion greens compare favorably in nutritional content to other commonly consumed green vegetables, providing four times as much calcium, 1.5 times as much vitamin A and 7.5 times as much vitamin K as broccoli. This leafy green vegetable also contains twice as much iron and three times as much riboflavin as spinach, and, while spinach provides no vitamin E or carotenoids, dandelion greens boast 17 percent of the daily adult dose of vitamin E and 13,610 international units, or IUs, of lutein and zeaxanthin per 3.5-ounce serving.” That is pretty darn impressive for a weed. Of course there is the caveat of making sure to only pick your dandelions where you know for sure they have not been sprayed.

This recipe is from Show Food Chef and it looks scrumptious. Dilled with dandelion greens, sun dried tomatoes and gruyere cheese you bake it in a bake pan and then cut it into servings and it looks totally gorgeous. Use some of the dandelion flowers to make the serving plate bright and sunny too.


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