RecipesHomesteading Delicious Polish Sausage Recipe

Homesteading Delicious Polish Sausage Recipe

This homesteading delicious polish sausage recipe allows for a higher quality meats for your family as well as having control of the ingredients.

Homesteading Delicious Polish Sausage Recipe
Homesteading Delicious Polish Sausage Recipe

Making your own polish sausage for friends and family becomes more than a hobby. To begin with making your own polish sausage means you determine the blend of spices and seasoning creating a customized taste.






dried marjoram




Tools Needed:

* Vertical Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer – BUY HERE

* Empty Sausage Casings 32mm links – BUY HERE

* Meat Grinder – BUY HERE

Once you have purchased the equipment the making of sausage per pound costs less than store bought kinds. Depending on the equipment a variety of shapes and sizes become available to package the polish sausage. Having the ability to determine the amount of salt and fat in your sausage lets a person tailor the meat to the family’s health nutrition needs.

Different parts of meat from an animal has different quality levels determined by the amount of sinew, fat, and muscle. By making your own polish sausage you determine what cuts of meat go into the sausage. You know the age and curing with salt and sugar you did and why. Many brands produced sausages have chemical additives and preservatives.

You can increase the kinds of meat used especially if you are hunting the game. Many game meats rank in higher quality and leaner meat than the normal cattle, and pig meat used by store brands. The option of experimentation such as using different liquids besides water such as apple juice, beer, or vegetable juice. Exploring the possibility of smoking sausages once encased lends a whole new line of flavors.

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