CanningHomesteading Delicious Rose Petals Jam Recipe

Homesteading Delicious Rose Petals Jam Recipe

This Homesteading Rose Petals Jam Recipe is a delicious way to capture the beauty that grows in your garden and spread it on golden brown toast. Mother nature has a way of providing, if only we don’t overlook her gifts.

Homesteading Delicious Rose Petals Jam Recipe

Spring is often characterized by blooming flowers, warm breezes, and long hours of sunlight – everything that must have been missed all through winter.

It’s very easy to forget that jam didn’t originate from the store particularly in today’s modernized world where everything seems to be ready-made. Believe it or not, the freshness of a homemade jam is more superior in quality than that of the store-bought stuff.

As you already know, there are already several uses of rose but nothing sounds more brilliant than a homemade rose petal jam. To begin with, what can be compared to eating roses for breakfast? If you’ve got your own vegetable garden where rose is planted, you will surely feel so proud to create a sweet jam that has not been chemically treated.

If you are looking to make something catchy that would also make a very thoughtful gift then consider a homemade rose petal jam. Just so you know, there is no better romantic, beautiful, exotic, and intoxicating way to start your day than having this uncommon flowery spread for breakfast. Remember that the best roses to use are those in full bloom.

In case you do not know, eating flowers and not be afraid is the main objective here. Aside from expressing love, it is good to know culinary uses of rose.


1 ½ cups filtered water

2 oz (approx. 2 cups lightly packed or to what would be a perfectly comfy fairy bed) wild rose petals (preferably collected 50 feet from roads and in a pesticide free area)

2 cups organic cane sugar

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon Pomonas fruit pectin**

Fortunately, you can make your own jam in the comfort of your kitchen with a few simple steps. Making jam at home is fun and saves you money. Jams can last for a long time if they are properly preserved.

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