PetsHomesteading Dogs and What They Need to Thrive

Homesteading Dogs and What They Need to Thrive

Homesteading Dogs and What They Need to Thrive is a look into perfectly matching a dog to your homesteading needs. Dogs have many jobs on the homestead. They protect livestock from predators, help control mice and rats, and help find lost animals. There are even dogs that help farmers with disabilities do their work. Some dogs are also trained to herd sheep or cattle.

Herding dogs are trained to respond to the sound of a whistle or a word of command. Some herding dogs belong to special breeds that have been developed for herding. Border collies and German shepherds are examples of dogs that have been bred for herding.

Homesteading Dogs and What They Need to Thrive

When deciding to get a dog for the farm, think about what the dog should be trained to do. If the goal is to have a dog help lead any livestock, a herding breed such as a Border Collie or Australian Blue Heeler is perfect. They are hard working dogs that love to work by herding, guarding, and training. They are not dogs meant for the city or an apartment. When bore, they can become destructive (chew a shoe) to an extent.

Most people who farm want a big dog to guard the family and their animals and poultry. A smaller dog could scare away any threat, but they are just not big enough to attack if they had to. While a pedigree is thought to be the best to get, particularly for those who need a specific breed, a mixed breed dog are also as effective. As for a puppy, which is a whole different way of going with thing, only do it if experienced with puppies, as the first few months will be a extra effort to train and care for under certain conditions.

When the puppy comes home, give it a name that is easy to learn, short and lively, and that a dog can understand immediately. Do not make it a complicated name because they will learn their names quite quickly. From there, teach the puppy properly with every single command, from sit to stay to roll over. This will take a lot of time and patience, but they will get a hold of it. Enjoy!

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Melissa Francis
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