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Homesteading Essential Goat Hoof Trimming Tips

These Homesteading Essential Goat Hoof Trimming Tips can make all the difference in a stress free hoof maintenance session with you herd of goats.

Homesteading Essential Goat Hoof Trimming Tips - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading Livestock

Those who care for goats may not know that it is critical to trim their hooves every two to three months so that the hooves are level and comfortable for them to walk. For this, you would need a thick pair of gloves and a hoof trimmer. You would already have rope for tying the animal with while you do this, but I have found it very helpful to place the goat on grooming stand or milk stand when you are doing this.

Before trimming the hoof, gently scrape the sole to remove any dirt. You would notice that there is excess hoof if it is monger than the toes. Using the trimmers, start from the wall outside and work your way inward, trimming away as you go. Try not to trim much far down on the toe of the hoof as you may cause the animal to bleed. If bleeding occurs, use some cornstarch or place the hoof to the floor. The weight of the animal may stop the bleeding from the hoof. If the bleeding persists, clean the area and apply a coconut oil-based comfrey salve.

Regular trimming of the hoof can prevent the onset of bacteria, especially if the animal is kept in wet, muddy areas. Once you have trimmed the area, set the hoof down to observe how the animal stands. If done successfully, the goat should be more balanced and have more comfort while walking. If the animal looks unsettled, reassess and trim again.

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