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Homesteading Frugal Survival Thrifty Living Tips

This Homesteading Frugal Survival Thrifty Living Tips was designed to give the motivated readers a number of unique and interesting ideas about how to get the most out of their budget. Saving hard earned money is so important these days.

Homesteading Frugal Survival Thrifty Living Tips - The Homestead Survival

One of the biggest keys to successful homesteading and frugal living is being able to best utilize everything that they end up having to buy. While somethings might be obvious, there are quite a few things that may not necessarily be that obvious, so it is always a great idea to seek out advice.

This article was written as a way to help educate as many people as possible to how easy it can be to embrace either and homesteading or frugal lifestyle, even if you do not plan to establish a homestead for yourself.

Make your own convenience foods by planning ahead. Meals In A Jar, Frozen Casseroles and Crock pot Meals can lift pressure off a busy family all while saving money.

Give a gift of labor instead of buying a store bought gift for family remembers. Your parents will love you cleaning their house, doing their laundry, a relaxing foot massage. Your husband will be thrilled if you wash and detail his vehicle. Kids will love if you help do their chores.

Invite friends over for snacks potluck buffet and Game Night (video games, cards and board games) instead of going out.

Drink more water by keeping pitchers of filtered water cold in your refrigerator and on hand. Being properly hydrated helps reduce headaches and boost your immune system. It you need flavor, infusion sliced fresh fruit. Ditch soda pop.

Turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug appliances so they are not sucking electricity when not being used. switch out old regular light bulbs for energy efficient light bulbs.

Find great deals at YARD SALES by buying items used. Keep a small notepad in your purse/bag with all your family’s clothing sizes, color preferences, shoe sizes and items you need. Think ahead for your quickly growing kids, think about different weather season needs.

Raise chickens. You will get fresh delicious eggs and chickens love fruit and vegetable leftover scraps. Plus they will keep the insect population down in your yard and their poop is good fertilizer for your garden.

Repair, re-purpose or re-fashion your clothing instead of donating or tossing it out.

Grow your groceries by planting a garden. You will be surprised at how much better fruits and vegetables taste straight your garden and picked ripe.

Turn off the television and cable.

Stop collecting stuff and start selling your clutter.

Write a list before you go shopping and stick to it.

If you have a habit of getting into trouble with credit cards, place your credit cards in a Ziploc bag in a block of frozen ice. Do not carry them in your purse.

Homesteading Frugal Survival Thrifty Living Tips - The Homestead Survival

Take your children to the park or local swimming pool. PLAY with them. You do not need to spend al0t of money to entertain your kids, they just want your time and attention.

All of the information that is shared inside the article is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.

~ * ~ * Benefits of reading the Frugal Living Tips: Homesteading Frugal Survival Thrifty Living Tips

~ *Discover some very useful tips on how to live much more cost effectively and frugally in order to make your money stretch further

~ *The article is filled with plenty of useful tips on how to better use the stuff that you already use currently

~ *It also gives some tips on how to go about doing without in case you cannot get certain things without breaking the bank

~ *It also includes some useful tips reusing some different household items to help save you money

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