GardeningHomesteading Gardening Wood Branch Projects

Homesteading Gardening Wood Branch Projects

This round up collection of homesteading gardening wood branch projects shares creative ways to used pruned branches, twigs and sticks.

Homesteading Gardening Wood Branch Projects

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Here is a list of Do-It-Yourself projects involving the two top objects in the title. When pruning trees, bushes, and berry canes, set these pieces aside for some projects. It is creative for one’s garden. There is traditional wattle weaving, make freshly cut sticks bendable, nailing pieces together, and binding with garden string is among the projects listed with sticks and twigs.

Twig plant marker? Get ¼ to 1/2-inch twigs and a vegetable peeler. Want something more complex? Get the drills, nails, and glue, along with some free time. There are many ways to go with the sticks and twigs. It is from the ground and up in the air. It is curved and straightened up. Leaves hang around, vines twirl, and everything blossoms. Pick a project. Can’t go wrong with any one of them.

The purpose is a combination of beautifying and keeping up appearances with the yard. Regardless of space, these DIY projects showcase that even the smallest of wood can be part of a major project to beautify the home. Some of what cane be made seems to be impossible to do, but it’s not. The flowers and bushes don’t just have to be green and sprayed with water and pesticide. They can go beyond the basics of a yard.

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Melissa Francis
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