Raising LivestockHomesteading Happy Chicken Coop Tour

Homesteading Happy Chicken Coop Tour

Come take a glimpse into the homesteading happy chicken coop tour and become inspired by a chicken coop you might even like to live in, lol.

Having a large backyard or some homestead acreage is a privilege to fill with gardens, fruit and nut trees and chickens. With so many options, it can hard to decide. The same can be said even if you have a smaller backyard as well. Planning is the key. You need to have a plan if you want to use the space efficiently. Well, there is the idea that you could add an adorable chicken coop just like the one you will find below.
Homesteading Happy Chicken Coop Tour

It is relatively easy to make if you have some experience with hand tools. You want to ensure you have the right materials and add a creative flair to make the coop something you want to see each day. Plus, you want the coop to be a secure place for your chickens so they will not have to worry about predators trying to get them in the night while also giving them freedom during the day. Honestly, homesteaders are always going to be on guard to the constant threat of predators.

You will need plenty of wood, fabric cloth walls, a metal roof in a color you like, insulation for the walls, and plenty of doors and other access points for you and your chickens. While you’re wanting to keep predators out, you also want to be able to get in so you can check on your chickens, their eggs, and everything in between for their well being.

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Melissa Francis
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