HomesteadingHomesteading Hiding Places Within Plain Sight

Homesteading Hiding Places Within Plain Sight

These Homesteading Hiding Places Within Plain Sight are designed to look like everyday objects.

You can stash money, jewelry, pills, internet passwords and much more safely. We have compiled a list of all sorts of objects that can act as a diversion safes.

We all have valuables, information or little sentimental items we want to keep safe. Some of us are lucky enough to have a safe installed in our homes to store all our valuables, however, not all of us are that fortunate. For example, should you be renting your home, you are not allowed to install permanent fixtures and when you move, it is not an easy process to move a safe.

The one way to overcome this problem is to find ingenious hiding places for all your valuable goods and paperwork.

* Here are 7 places in your home that you never considered before.

1. You can hide small amounts of cash or little bits of information inside an opaque pen. Please ensure that it is opaque so the articles cannot be seen.

2. Pull apart an LED bulb, remove all the screws and parts that you can and then place inside the valuables you want.

3. You can write passwords or security codes inside a plug head. Please remember to not use the plug near any terminals or keypads.

4. Keep all your entertainment passwords behind the batteries in your remote controls. That way it is always at hand when you forget your passwords.

5. A book cover is perfect to hide flat items, such as money. Place the cash in the inside flap.

6. An old CD case is perfect for hiding small items. You can use a piece of cardboard or an old toilet roll to hold a few CDs in place on top. Place the item below the CDs you can view.

7. A CPU has a lot of space to hide bigger items. Take off the outer case, place the item or items inside and replace the cover.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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