Household TipsHomesteading Lessons from the Great Depression

Homesteading Lessons from the Great Depression

These homesteading lessons from the Great Depression are recounted and shared in an effort that homesteaders will remember our ancestors have learned the hard way. Becoming more and more self sufficient and debt free can help you struggle through the hardest of times.

There is a famous saying by an American philosopher George Santayana which says “those who do not remember the lessons from history are doomed to repeat it”. The Great depression of the 1930s shook the basis of world economy and led to a global unstable financial system marked by dubious banking practices and sharp credit booms. This global financial catastrophe left everyone in misery and hopelessness. If we are to avoid that situation again we need to understand what went wrong during the Great Depression and learn from our mistakes or perhaps more correctly, our ancestors’ mistakes.

These are brief lessons which everyone can apply to financially secure themselves if such a depression arises again in the future. You can start incorporating them today step by step so it does not seem overwhelming to you.

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Homesteading Lessons from the Great Depression
Homesteading Lessons from the Great Depression

Read on these crucial lessons that were learnt through the Great Depression that will help you organize your lifestyle, assets and way of thinking which will ultimately secure your economic condition whether any sort of recession or depressions strikes or not. You sure do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Melissa Francis
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